Let’s talk about talking

Thanks to non-formal education during the youth exchange implemented by the Erasmus+ program, we raised important issues regarding communication and conversation with other people. The primary goal of the Let’s talk about talking project is to educate young people about the role of verbal and non-verbal communication, finding their talents, self-confidence and assertiveness in everyday and professional life. Thanks to the informal education tools used during the classes, we encouraged participants to overcome communication barriers that are extremely visible nowadays. Young people are increasingly confined to their own four walls and communicate with the world using smartphones, computers and other electronic devices. They talk face to face less and less often, and it is thanks to verbal communication and face to face communication that societies develop;

  • thanks to the skills of active listening and asking questions, citizens’ influence in managing the country increases;
  • thanks to the ability to find talents, the possibilities of activating young people in society increase;
  • thanks to assertiveness, young people are neither aggressive nor passive – they know what they want for themselves and the country in which they live;
  • thanks to the ability to provide feedback, professional and personal interpersonal relationships become easier;
  • the ability to be happy about your own achievements and those of others helps build an atmosphere of friendship and peace. And it was the development of these skills that was the goal of our project.