Healthy livestyle against civilization diseases

Our Project was a response to lifestyle diseases affecting an increasing number of young people, and especially their prevention. In the past, problems such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety disorders, depression, obesity, insomnia and many others affected especially older people in their prime. Nowadays, these diseases are becoming more and more common among young people and even children. According to many studies and publications, this happens both due to stress, as well as an easy and fast lifestyle, taking too many unnecessary drugs and stimulants (energy drinks and less legal substances), lack of sleep, lack of the so-called work-life balance , etc. Thanks to our activities, we wanted to draw attention to lifestyle diseases that young people increasingly suffered from, to show that they were not problems of people over 60, but a real problem of teenagers and young adults. For this purpose, we made a short video showing these lifestyle diseases. Secondly, by focusing on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, we wanted to present it as a preventive element in the development and avoidance of lifestyle diseases, i.e. we created a bank of ideas and tips on a healthy lifestyle (mental health, diet, exercise, interpersonal contacts) in the form of an account on Instagram, where we published them.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our social campaign in the form of short educational films prepared by participants:

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