Let’s hate hate

The wide availability of the Internet among children and adolescents is associated with exposure to verbal aggression and hate speech in any environment. The prevalence of this problem in recent years has also significantly reduced the sensitivity of young people to this problem. Our goal is to increase young people’s awareness of hatred, discrimination and stereotypes. Through this project, we wanted to show young people that they have tools in their hands to oppose such behavior. That a passive attitude is also an act that supports hate and discrimination. That, in line with EU values, we should unite, support and strengthen each other. Through this project, we tried to show young people how to behave when we see hate, when we experience it on our own skin, and how not to spread it ourselves, often unconsciously. Through the use of diverse and interesting methods of informal education, we tried to show what mechanisms are responsible for the formation of hatred and how stereotypes are generated.

The main event of the project was the youth exchange, carried out on July 16-22, 2021 in Poronin, with the participation of groups from Cyprus, Spain, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Italy. As a result of our work, we created four amateur social campaigns, which we recorded together and then published on our YouTube channel. The topics were selected by the participants, focusing on the issue of discrimination and hate (eg bulling in schools, Internet hate speech, etc.). Campaign links:
It is also worth getting acquainted with the Internet Etiquette prepared by us – that is, a list of good practices and desired behaviors that we should follow when using the Internet. It is a kind of guide on how to react when seeing or experiencing hate speech on the Internet.

This project was co-financed by the European Commission’s z Programu Programme.