Work of art

In this Erasmus+ project, we implemented two main activities: APV (preparatory visit on the last weekend of July) and the Youth Exchange itself on August 24-31, 2022 in Krakow. 47 people took part in the project, including 42 youth exchange participants aged 18 to 26, including 16 with fewer opportunities (however, we did not apply for an additional integration budget because no such special needs were identified). There were 6 national teams, each consisting of 7 participants, including the leader. We managed to keep the gender balance at a similar level. Participant’s profile: open, kind, tolerant people who want to share their experiences, curious about the world and other cultures. An additional advantage was the interest in art and the topic of social exclusion and stratification.

By implementing this project, we wanted to discover and use the mission that is often hidden behind art and to make young people aware of its roots, fields and powers. We wanted to use art as a tool for spreading ideas, simply going back to the way whole nations used it for centuries. We wanted to reinvent this feature to spread values like tolerance and inclusion. As part of our activities, numerous works of art were created, presented both at the exchange site, on the streets of Krakow, but also documented on the Internet and in our social media. We created an Instagram account that promotes the idea of tolerance, mutual acceptance and integration through art, and also promoted an event in the form of an exhibition. We encourage you to follow:

Project financed by the European Union.