New partnerships for effective youth work

The project aimed to develop contacts, exchange experiences and create new partnerships between participating organizations and enrich the potential of non-governmental organizations in our regions. In all of these activities, our main goal was mutual learning, developing the potential and developing a strong network of reliable partners for future cooperation in various projects and topics. The main event was a contact making seminar which took place on 8-12 July in Kraków, Poland. The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

This project has been for our organization and several others like us – beginners, the first step on the way to creating new opportunities for our youth. This is the basis for future international activities in such areas as: combating prejudice, combating youth unemployment, raising public awareness, inspiring involvement at local, regional and international level, supporting the development of civil society and intergenerational dialogue.

That is why we needed this seminar to start this process, and in the case of experienced organizations – to develop this process and enrich it. We wanted to meet other European organizations, make friends and good working relationships, get to know completed projects, learn about best practices, talk about ideas, understand how to develop our organization, how to effectively work with young people, how to apply for funds, how to make a good project , etc. It was also important for us – youth workers to develop our individual competences and establish individual contacts and be better qualified in the area of work that we do and plan to develop.

We are convinced that not only our foundation, but also all participating organizations enjoy similar benefits – made new contacts, developed ideas for projects, acquired new knowledge and individual skills, undertaken new initiatives, etc. We also got involved in the social life of our city and district. For our foundation and other participants it was a great opportunity to meet other local representatives of institutions and NGOs, learn from them and make contacts, as well as find out what help we can get from the city and what help we can offer.

As an effect of our work during seminar a very detailed NGO contact database has been made. Fell free to use it and share the contacts!


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